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Tooth/Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Nobody ever wants to lose their teeth, but the fact remains that an astounding 74% of American adult have had at least one tooth extracted in their lifetime.  Tooth trauma, advanced tooth decay, crowded teeth and periodontal disease are just some of the reasons why teeth need to be removed.

Very few general dentists feel comfortable with tooth extractions and Dr. Savidan is the rare exception.  During his general dentistry residency, Dr. Savidan trained under several experienced oral surgeons, learning various techniques to make tooth extractions more comfortable for his patients.  After years of training, Dr. Savidan has developed his skills and comfort level to safely perform tooth extractions at Beachside Dental, while at the same time maintaining a comfort level for his patients.  Do not hesitate to contact Beachside Dental for a consultation, if you feel you have one or more teeth that need to be extracted.