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Root Canals

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If you are experiencing constant tooth pain that just won’t seem to go away or notice facial swelling or a pus “pimple” on your gums, call Beachside Dental in Santa Barbara and have Dr. Savidan evaluate your tooth.  A large amount of toooh decay or even trauma that has caused enough damage and affected the nerve of your tooth, may mean you need a procedure known as a root canal.

A root canal, also known as endodontic treatment, is a meticulous process of removing any infected nerve structures and properly cleaning and sealing off the canals of your tooth.  Dr. Savidan utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to complete this process, ensuring your tooth pain goes away and allowing for your tooth to be saved.  When done properly, a root canal does not have to be a painful experience at all.

After a root canal, it is important to follow-up with other recommended dental treatments which are necessary to protect the tooth’s structure above the gumline.  Often times, a procedure known as a core build-up is necessary to restore a tooth, prior to having a dental crown placed.  Not having a permanent filling or crown placed on a tooth after a root canal, may result in the tooth fracturing or failure of the root canal itself from bacterial contamination.