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Middle Aged couple   with   dentures smiling from their yard on the edge of a Santa Barbara Beach.

Most people are familiar with dentures and their purpose of replacing missing teeth. However, most people are not aware of the advances made in dental technology, which allow for more comfortable and life-like dentures that ever before.  If you currently wear a denture, you should know that it should fit comfortably and not cause any pain when in your mouth. Dentures can be relined or remade using the latest techniques and materials, to drastically improve the quality and lifespan of existing dentures.  

At Beachside Dental in Santa Barbara, Dr. Savidan has years of experience and knowledge to help create a denture you will be happy with.  After a consultation to determine your expectations and goals, the proper shape, color and anatomy of your teeth will be chosen and a series of detailed impressions and measurements of your mouth and face will be taken. This intricate process will result in a denture that restores your smile and facial appearance like you never thought possible.

Even more exciting, is the advent of dentures which are supported by dental implants. When appropriate or necessary, Dr. Savidan will recommend implant-supported dentures as a means to ensure proper support and stability. These types of dentures have also been proven to prevent bone loss of your jaws and subsequent complications that can arise from not having any natural teeth.